Fall Allergies? Remember Your Neti Pot: My Sinuses' Best Friend

It's another change of seasons and for many people that means allergy symptoms are back. Fall allergies are often the result of ragweed but there are many other culprits. And now with the amount of rain we've experienced in the Northeast, mold is another thing to consider. (More on mold in the next few days...)

But as I'm hearing so many more complaints about allergy symptoms flaring up I feel compelled to remind everyone to get out their neti pots before you're facing a sinus infection! You'll be so happy you did. And of course if you don't have a neti yet, make sure to get one here.

I thought I'd share a great little article by Allison Toner, a contributor to the Wellnecessity site, to remind everyone of the wonders of the neti pot.

Neti Pot: My Sinuses' Best Friend
By: Allison Toner

For many years of my life, I have been faced with at least two or three terrible sinus infections. The throbbing pain, congestion and headaches made me miserable and I often felt drained! It usually took at least two rounds of antibiotics to receive some relief. Many times it was then followed by more side-effects from the medication. Luckily for me, I was introduced to my neti pot and since then, no sinus infections!

What is a neti pot? It looks like a small teapot and is used to flush out your sinus cavities. You fill it with lukewarm water and salt (non-iodized). You can also add a drop or two of a pure essential oil like tea tree oil for extra protection against breeding germs & bacteria. After this, tilt your head and place the spout of the neti pot into your top nostril. Then pour the salt water into your nostril. The water will pass through your nasal cavity and out the other nostril. When the water runs out, blow your nose and repeat on the other side.

While most people believe this is difficult, it is an extremely simple process and takes about five minutes to complete. I genuinely recommend the use of the neti pot to everyone! So, if you suffer from sinus problems, check out our Wellnecessity neti pots and recommended oils.


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