Friday, December 20, 2013

My Exciting News!

Earlier this year, I had a conversation with my colleague, Kim Boudreau Smith. Little did I know how it was going to change my life! Kim was in the process of putting together a group of 28 women who were willing to share how they learned to put themselves out there in the world, to move forward and let their inner light shine through. Now, along with this wonderful group of women, I am an international best selling author – and so proud of it!

The original vision for Bold is Beautiful was to serve as a vital support for people who feel like they don’t have the energy to keep going, that their business and life are overwhelming them and negativity is closing in. Our book is a bold kick in the butt and provides the incentive to keep moving forward and the understanding that others have been there too.

Kim personally interviewed and selected each contributor to Bold is Beautiful. She asked only that every single beautiful woman in this book share her soul with the reader. I think all of us had learned in one way or another that we had to become bold to move forward from where we once were. Being small was not a choice if we were to achieve what we wanted. In our various ways, we opted to turn our lives around and become bold and successful. It was just not an option to complain, crawl into a corner, and give up. As we stood up and believed in ourselves, we also believe our readers can find hope and believe in themselves.

Reading the many stories and accounts in Bold is Beautiful will make you laugh, cry, and sometimes just shake your head in wonder.  But most importantly, it will focus your vision inward and inspire your passion to move forward and grow anew. You have the power within yourself to create the life you want. Take the first step towards empowerment of your true self with Bold is Beautiful. It’s available right now on Amazon.

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